Is Real Estate Property A Good Investment in Malaysia

Is Real Estate Property A Good Investment in Malaysia

Is Real Estate Property A Good Investment in Malaysia

Ever since I was young I always think that if you own a property you are rich. And if you have more than one property, it means that you are richer. And now that I am old enough, I very well know that having a real estate property in Malaysia will determine your status in the economy. There are many project outlook that you can check out for properties available in Malaysia.

A question has popped up in my mind, is it good to invest in real estate property in Malaysia? If you have enough money to buy a real estate property in Malaysia, it is always good to invest in that because real estate does not depreciate. It is not like a car that once you buy it it becomes cheaper as time goes by because of frequent usage of the car. So approximately one year after buying the car the value of the car is a lot more cheaper than the original price. In Kuala Lumpur area, there is the Endah Ria, Pangsapuri Mawar, Platinum Hill PV 2, Puncak Banyan, Kenanga Point, Greenview Apartments and Vista Amani Condominium.

Real Estate

But when it comes to real estate, as time goes by and the more structure is being built around your property, the value goes up, even if you do not do anything with the property itself. Even the rental rate of the property goes up as well. And real estate is the only investment that does not fluctuate. In some cases, other people would invest their money on stocks because the rate of return is faster and you get higher earning as compared to real estate. But if you invest in real estate, you are secured that you will not lose unless you have an immediate need of the money and you will sell the property on a lower cost because certain property can be costly. But generally real estate prices do not depreciate. You should get to know if they are nearby places to eat as well otherwise you have to resort to frozen food.

One good thing about real estate is that if you have a lot or land and you have other business or you have a job so you cannot take care of the lot. You can just simply leave it there and it will never rot. Instead, the price of that lot will become higher after a few years. If the development in that particular area is quite fast, there is a possibility that the price of the property can double in just one year. For properties all around Selangor, Johor, Penang, there are many options available. Take a look at SuriaMas, Taman Sri Subang, Ritze Perdana, Taman Putra Perdana and Taman Pandan Indah. In Johor, you can check out Taman Setia Indah and JP Perdana (Jaya Putra Perdana). In Penang area, you can take a look at Taman Sri Setia Flat, Carissa Park (Pengsapuri Carissa) and Baystar.

So I say that investing in real estate is really a good investment. If your property has a structure of building, you can have it rented and you can earn a lot of money by renting out your property. A lot of people are actually earning a big income in property rental and this type of business will not consume much of your time. You just have to wait for the monthly payment and earn. There may be minimal costs for the maintenance but all in all you get higher income than expenses. Therefore If I have a lot of money, I will buy a good property and have it rented and then I will quit my job and just wait for my monthly rental income. This is the best way to retire and be your own boss.

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