Things To Avoid When Using a Mobile Phone

Things To Avoid When Using a Mobile Phone

Things To Avoid When Using a Mobile Phone

Generally, phones are costly. Thus, you must take good care of your phones. Yes, even the most expensive ones can still get damaged, but at least it should not be because you keep doing things you should not with your phone.

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Here are some practices you should not do with your phone:

Over charge your phone

Never charge your phone for a long time that even if it is already full, it is still connected to the charger. Note that a lot of fire started from overcharged phones.

Keep your phone in a chest-pocket

This might not be confirmed yet, but as this cannot cause any harm, you should just stay in the safer side. What I meant is, you should not put your phone inside a chest-pocket for health reasons.

Using earphones while charging

Never plug your phone while listening to music using earplugs. If you have not heard yet, a lot of phone users were electrocuted because of this. You don’t wanna include yourself to the list.

Self service your phone

Never try to fix your phone if you are not a pro. chances are you will just hit something that can add damage. Things like this should be left to the experts like a phone repair specialist.

We cannot just expect our phones to last without us taking good care of it, right?

Are you a company operating in Malaysia? If the answer is yes, then it’s most likely that you’ll be using some sort of IT system or computing to help in the operations of your business. You’re not the only one, it’s most likely the newly every company operating within the country uses computer technology and IT.  Thus, make sure you approach the original iPhone battery service provider.

The introduction of computers is like a miracle to Malaysia’s businesses. They have made everything much easier and more efficient when it comes to how companies conduct their operations and delivery of their services. It has made advancements in communications with the use of email and made it easier to file documents and spreadsheets alike.


But be warned, although we believe that computers are the most wonderful tools anyone can use, they do come with their share of issues, especially for companies. Problems, big and small, may arise. From smaller cases of PCs not powering up, to the Wi-Fi modem not working and larger issues like computer viruses, ransomware and to corruption and loss of sensitive data. These issues can have a bad impact on company productivity. So, it is just as important to seek out IT services and support Malaysia. It is best to get a customized system that works well for you.

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