Utilise Your Fertiliser!

Utilise Your Fertiliser!

Utilise Your Fertiliser!

Are you a palm oil farmer trying your best to get an MSPO certification for your plantation? Well, I hope you get that cert as soon as possible! Or are you trying to search for direct manufacture price fertiliser? If you really want both of them you might want to choose the good of fertiliser and start looking out for the best way to utilise the fertiliser to get ravishing products! This article will tell you the best method for your plantations to work out. But bear in mind that good fertilisers are quite costly. Make sure not to use fertiliser on your frozen food as well as you may be at risk of getting liver disease.

First of you should pick the broadcast way instead of the traditional subsoil one. This method is based on MPOB‘s research where the result shows that when the fertiliser is being sprinkled all over the weeded area, it is better than any other ways there are for the fertiliser to be applied.

The traditional method I mentioned is the one where you need to bury your fertiliser under the soil. This common way is not that effective anymore due to the lesser production of fresh fruit bunches in trees grown with the said method. The research has showcased how the fruit bunches are 13 percent lesser when the fertiliser is being applied with this method.

How about the time, I mean the best time you need to pick to apply your fertiliser on your crop? Well, first and foremost, you need to know that in Malaysia, we are expecting raining seasons on November until December every year. Thus, you will need to avoid applying the fertilizer to your crops along this raining period.

It is best that the fertilisation takes place 3 times per year. The most suitable month (mark your calendar now) will be on February, March, May, June, September and October. You need to make sure that it is best for to you apply them after light rain as this will cause the soil to be moist and in return make it easier for the soil to dissolve the nutrients.


In conclusion, the broadcast method will be the best way for you to utilise your fertiliser on your palm oil plantation. Try it out for yourself and get back to me once you’ve got yourself the best result!

What are you waiting for? Get your own and buy fertiliser for palm plants in malaysia to have a healthy life!

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